Episode 5 - The Black Cauldron

Erin and Jason plunge headfirst into Disney’s beautiful, ill-fated disaster, The Black Cauldron, Join them as they discuss spooky real estate, grave-robbing, suicide, and piles and piles of corpses. (Again, this is an ANIMATED DISNEY FILM FOR CHILDREN.) Let’s gather to mourn what might have been.

Episode 4 - Gremlins

On a special festive winter holiday edition of Traumatized, Erin and Jason revisit Joe Dante’s insane Christmas horror comedy classic, Gremlins. Merry Christmas, ya filthy animals.

Episode 3 - The Last Unicorn

Bust out your blacklight and put on your dad’s America records, because this week, Erin and Jason are follow a dangerously stoned butterfly into the nightmare world of The Last Unicorn, where they confront anthropomorphized sex trees, alcoholic reanimated skeletons, and their own mortality.

Episode 2 - Willow

This week, Erin and Jason dive deep into Ron Howard’s 1988 fantasy romp featuring store-brand hobbits, two-headed penis dragons, and being violently turned into a pig. Jason has a lot of thoughts about Sorsha; Erin continues her brave struggle with face blindness.

Episode 1 - The Secret of NIMH

In our pilot episode, hosts Erin Ridgeway and Jason Apple revisit the childhood nightmare fuel that is “The Secret of NIMH.” Join them as they explore comic relief crows, Don Bluth’s baffling fondness for warts and goo, and Erin’s disconcerting pants feelings for an animated rat.