Episode 56 - REWIND - The Dark Crystal

In our first ever Rewind episode, we're revisiting an old episode to take advantage of a pop culture event that's taking advantage of our collective nostalgia in a magnificent nostalgia ouroboros. Before you watch The Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance on Netflix, take a listen to our 2018 episode about the original 1982 film.

Episode 55 - D.A.R.Y.L.

We're ending our long and unplanned summer break with D.A.R.Y.L., a tale of a perfect robot boy who was never programmed to love, but who learns how anyway. Join us as we discuss this post-modern Pinocchio story and ask yourself if you could be nicer to your Alexa.

Episode 54 - Jaws

Summer is in full swing, so let’s celebrate the July 4th holiday in the most American way we know how: blowing up the world’s most powerful shark. That’s right, we’re discussing the OG summer blockbuster, Jaws.

Episode 53 - Mac and Me

What do you get if you take the premise of E.T. and ruin it? Mac and Me, that’s what. Is it so bad it’s good? Is it so bad it turned the corner and became good? Is it in fact a perfect film that we’re all too simple-minded to appreciate? We explore these questions and many more in this episode, which is definitely not sponsored by McDonald’s.

Episode 52 - Adventures in Babysitting

This week, we're taking a ride in mom's station wagon into the lawless wilds of 1980s Chicago as we watch Adventures in Babysitting, a film in which the good judgement of a teen girl gets her charges almost gets her charges killed in a number of terrible ways. White-knuckle your way through this one with us, won't you?

Episode 51 - Beastmaster

Usually when a dude has two ferrets, it’s a dealbreaker, but not if he’s the leathery hero of The Beastmaster, a deliciously campy epic about the adventures of a simple warrior who can talk to animals. Put on your best loincloth and join us on a safari of crazy. Child sacrifice has never been this fun!

Episode 50 - Labyrinth

Let David Bowie’s skin-tight pants awaken the dance magic within you as we dive head first into the puppet bacchanal that is Jim Henson’s Labyrinth. Come, lose yourself in our wonderful maze as we ruin yet another beloved childhood film for ourselves in our 50th episode.

Episode 49 - The Canterville Ghost

Don't you just hate it when you inherit an old castle and it turns out to be just slap full of ghost that only Alyssa Milano can set free from his terrible curse? Join us as we take yet another haunted house journey in the 1986 made-for-TV movie, The Canterville Ghost.

Episode 48 - High Spirits

This week, we're discussing two movies: a charming supernatural farce about an Irish lord trying to save his ancestral home from developers by faking a haunting, and a stupid ghost love quadrangle involving Daryl Hannah, Steve Guttenberg, Beverly D'Angelo, and Liam Neeson. Unfortunately for us and everyone, these two stories have been mashed together into this unholy monstrosity, High Spirits.

Episode 47 - Buffy the Vampire Slayer

Before Sarah Michelle Gellar and the Scooby Gang staked their claim in our hearts (see what we did there?) there was Joss Whedon's 1.0 version. Join us as we watch Kristy Swanson and the late, great Luke Perry as they wear flannel, dust vamps, and avoid bogus corn in the 1992 film Buffy the Vampire Slayer.

Episode 46 - The Peanut Butter Solution

It takes a pretty special movie to start getting really weird after the ghosts show up in the kitchen with recipes, but this film is, if nothing else, special. Join us as we discover a cure for fear-induced childhood baldness in a film that may have been written by Mad Libs, The Peanut Butter Solution.

Episode 45 - The Electric Grandmother

Oh boy, have we unearthed a treasure for you this week. Can a robot teach a family to love again? What's up with that sarcophagus in the front yard? Why is all this stuff coming out of grandma, and is it safe to eat? We explore these questions and so many more that nobody really wants the answers to as we discuss Ray Bradbury's forgotten children's sci-fi classic, The Electric Grandmother.

Episode 44 - Rainbow Brite and the Star Stealer

There comes a time in every adult’s life when we must confront just how wack was the entertainment of our childhood. Sometimes that reckoning happens in a therapists’ office. Today, it’s happening on a podcast. Join as we attempt to scrute the inscrutable mysteries of Rainbow Brite.

Episode 43 - Honey I Shrunk the Kids

It’s a big, gross, dangerous world out there, which is why we’re staying inside to talk about the teeny-tiny hijinks in Honey, I Shrunk The Kids. Join us as we wax nostalgic about yet another charming adventure in parental neglect. This time, it’s fun-sized!

Episode 42 - The Real Ghostbusters

When there’s something strange in your neighborhood, who ya gonna call? Podcasters! Join us as we wax nostalgic about a couple of episodes of The Real Ghostbusters (TM TM TM, accept no imposters, especially gorillas.)

Episode 41 - The Witches

Somewhere in this episode, there is a conversation about The Witches, the 1990 film adaptation of the Roald Dahl book about a group of ladies in sensible shoes who just want some dang peace and quiet and maybe not so much poop stink in the air, and who are willing to go to extreme lengths to get it. Also, lots and lots of talk about mice, so good luck with this one, musophobics!

Episode 40 - E.T. LIVE at SF Sketchfest

Live from SF Sketchfest, we’re talking about E.T.: The Extraterrestrial. You know it, you’ve seen it, so kick back and relax while we tear that repressed trauma right out of your brain like a hypnotherapist specializing in recovered UFO abduction memories. Pleasant dreams!

Episode 39 - Wizards

Remember when you were 7 and your parents left you with a babysitter and whatever animated movie they picked up at Blockbuster, and that movie turned out to be a incomprehensible post-apocalyptic tale about wizards fighting Nazis, featuring a pretty surprising amount of footage from Triumph of the Will for a family film? Well, somebody does, so we're taking a long look into the dark, weird void that is Ralph Bakshi's Wizards.

Episode 38 - Home Alone LIVE

It’s our very first live show, and boy is it weird. Join us as we discuss Kevin’s deep-seated trauma and possible sociopathy in a deep dive on the holiday classic, Home Alone. Merry Christmas, ya filthy animals.