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Erin Ridgeway

Erin Ridgeway is a professional copywriter and lifelong performer, with a background in theater and improv. She has more than a decade of experience as an advertising creative, which means immersing herself in pop culture is both her passion and her livelihood. She became fascinated by this super-specific cinematic niche when she saw The Neverending Story as a child and never quite recovered. She enjoys horror, cats, and comedies about nice people who are nice to each other. She is slowly amassing a skeleton army.


Jason Apple

Jason Apple has a Masters degree in Film Studies, which qualifies him to host this podcast and literally nothing else. As a kid who loved superheroes, he was so excited for Tim Burton's Batman, only to have to leave the theater when the Joker killed Jack Palance. He has recently finished the film. Today, Jason lives with his family in a dark, cobweb-filled castle inexplicably perched over a cliff.